Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What are we???

That would be the question I asked SS this evening. The response??? "I don't know....I hate these conversations....I get stressed out easily; you know that." So I ask, "are you just totally going to avoid the topic then (as he continues to go on and talk about what he's doing)" He replies, "Yes."

So what's that mean?? We have plans for future games (May), Dallas ( July), etc but then again no "title." Are we exclusive?? I'd at least like to know that much.


Amber said...

jerk. :o)
you know amby loves ya and you know that mr. right will come soon enough. live up this part of your life and do not let punks like this ruin it for ya.

Pamela said...

he he he...okay, just getting around to checking up on anyway.if you go to dallas in july and if I get this internship then guess could come visit me!!!!!!!! He heheheheheeh...funny how things work out in funny ways. I agree with amber...Jerk (sticks tongue out and blows rasberry)
Your wifey