Sunday, March 05, 2006

Not so cute...

Friday night was a real doosey. While housesitting I was pulling together things for errands to do because I'm housesitting on the opposite side of the world from where any and everything is. So I drive over to the part of town where I grew up to get my errands done and meet family for dinner at a new restaraunt. Go to the store I used to work at, sold lipstick and gloss, and headed to dinner. I go to the restaraunt and tell the hostess that which group I'm looking for. She replies, "Oh, they called and cancelled the reservation." I tell her "thanks" and turn around and walk out. I was SO pissed. I call my dad to see if they had called him...nope, nothing. Call my cousin, whom I live with and knew I would be there, he didn't answer his phone. I was hot. So I go to my dads and I'm like this is just shitty. I"m tired of the horrible communication between the men on that side of the family. I had worked up being the bigger person to deal with my cousin and his horrific wife and then they pull this stunt. So I decide to go to Rick's.

Well, things weren't much better there. I overhear my mom talking about going to FLA at the end of the talk to recruiters for the banks down there, a person who I can't stand walks in and is practically on top of me so she can stand where I was standing and then decides she's just going to dive in and eat my dinner. (yes, she really just reached in and ate things like it was ok) I would have had no problem with this if 1. I liked her and 2. she asked. So I go over to another table and sit and talk and what not. I'm still not feeling good so I was like "fuck this shit" and left. Everyone was asking what was wrong, but I really didn't feel like getting kicked out for starting a fight so I just didn't answer. UGH! Not so cute

Yesterday was great....stayed in my pj's all day and organized and cleaned. I love days like that! I know it's wierd, but I love to organize! crazy...I know! It was also a friends birthday so when I woke up at 830 (thanks dog) I rolled over, grabbed my phone and called and woke him up! Surprisingly he wasn't mad....he does the same thing! So yeah, we talked off and on all day yesterday (which isn't really any different than normal) And that was my day.

Today...more cleaning and organizing. Maybe a little designing for some flyers and postcards. But really, a laid back day.

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