Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Home (not so) Sweet Home

So I got home about 1130 last night. Excited and happy to be home. I walk in to the kitchen and it's DISGUSTING. The 3 clean dishes that are in the dishwaser are the same ones that I did when I left. The sink is full...on both sides of dirty dishes. There's pasta sauce slopped all over the top of the stove. Now, by no means am I a total neat freak or anything, but that is just disgusting. Not to mention I'm pissed because he thinks he can leave that mess for me to clean up. HELL NO. You made it in the 11 days that I was gone, you can clean it up. "but I'm tired, I work 40+ hours a week" Well you know what, take responsibility and clean up your own damn mess! I could care less what your room looks like (especially since mine is a wreck right now) since it's not "community" space, but the kitchen!?!?! Come on now! I'm not your wife, girlfriend or even freakin' maid....I'm YOUR COUSIN!

*BIG sigh* Ok....now that my rant and rave is done, today will be cleaning, waiting on UPS, going to the post office and prolly stopping by to see someone special. (it's nice that he only works 5 minutes from my apartment)

Ok...I'm out. Peace.

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dimple said...

Hi Katy, just want to thank you for dropping by my page. You are welcome to leave a comment anytime. Thanks again and God Bless!