Friday, March 03, 2006

Feels like forever

..since I've posted. Things have been a bit on the crazy side. I've been spending time with various friends this week due to the fact that I am, now, in Cincinnati until the 13th. Feels like my rent $$ this month is more like a storage spot. Because once I go home from Cincinnati...I'm home about 10 days and turn around to go to Career Conference in Indy. So the past few days have just been packing and making decisions on what to do with everything the next few weeks. Paying bills early (never a bad thing), running errands, etc. etc.

Oh, and as of March 1 I am officially a KY resident. WOW...that's kind of scary.....actually, it's a lot scary.

Well, more work to be done here at Josette's so I'll catch up later!

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