Tuesday, February 28, 2006

High on Life....

Yesterday was just great! I was in the best mood ever! Why was it so great?? At first I wasn't sure, but after looking back I know for a fact.
  1. Saw some friends at a favorite place of mine
  2. Took several things in to consign...and they'll send the check to me!
  3. Received a belated birthday gift!
  4. A certain someone in the acadmey came home in a great mood
  5. Realizing the move to Lexington was a right one for me
  6. Money isn't as big of a deal this moment
  7. Placed a good size order
  8. Will be placing a good size order in the next week
  9. My team is rocking....how about my sister with a $300 order!!!
  10. Talked to some old and new friends...for a long time...and the conversation flowed flawlessly
  11. Saw my 10 month old nephew whom I hadn't seen in about a month.
  12. Came home to home....being missed and such is a great feeling....that and I missed being home; thus being part of how I know it's a right move
So yeah...all of that in one day!! I'm happy..it's bubbling over!! WOO HOO!!!

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