Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thoughts on...

*Team members - YAY!!! I have another new team member as of last night. Such a cute girl!!! I'm very excited because as I move up on my ladder!! I've reached a new status with Mary Kay. I'm going to go to Career Conference on-target for my's just how it's going to be. There's no stopping me now!

*Marriage - yes I totally want to get married, however, I'm not going to act as I have been treated recently. My dear friends, promise me that regardless of how you feel about your true love that you don't forget your friends and treat them like shit.

*Dating - well, there's not much to say in this section right now...not trying to say anything until I figure out what is going on in a situation.

*Living with J - most days are good. We all have bad days....couldn't ask for a better roommate, well maybe one who cleans up and does the dishes a little more often.

*Money - Money isn't everything, but it sure helps out! 'nuf said.

*Blogging - It's a great tool to vent, practice free writing.'s not about how many people read it. It's not really about who reads it. To be honest I don't care if I have 7 or 17000 people read it. Then why have a counter?? Becasue I'm curious. That and it became a bit of a safety issue when things started happening last fall.

*Life - I LOVE life!! LIve today. Don't live in the past or the now!!

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nicole m. said...

I hope I'm not one of those "marrieds" you spoke of...I love my friends!!!