Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tears and action

Last night was filled with a lot of both. After a wonderful day in Cincinnati, I came home to a conversation I never expected to have. While the conversation included adult, need to do/right things it didn't make it easier. Yes, I realize this is very vauge, but that would be for a couple reasons.
  1. Protect the somewhat innocent.
  2. You can't just know parts of the story and make sense of it all...hell, myself and the other person involved in the conversation and the entire situation can't even make sense of it all.
  3. It would take days to tell the whole story.
  4. Without knowing the entire story, one or both parties could be seen as horrible people with characteristics that they honestly don't have.
This would be the tears part. Those that know me know that I cry....when I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I'm angry, when I'm frustrated....all of it! Well, tears for nearly all of those reasons and more flowed most the night....all due to this one responsible conversation. WOW

Action: GREAT day and meeting in Cincinnati yesterday! WOO HOO!!!! YAY for mom's who come be your models, YAY for directors who ask your mom when she is going to join your team and your mom replies, I've really been thinking about it, YAY for being the queen of the meeting, YAY for having high goals for the week!! ($500 sales week and 1 new team member).
I say all of this because I don't know if I've ever mentioned how much I love my job. LOL. The other reason is what the calendar says this morning: "The president of a successful company was asked what it took to get to the top. He answered, The same thing it took to get started: a sense of urgency about getting things done." No matter how intelligent or able you may be, if you don't have this sense of urgency, now is the time to devlop it."

WOW What a statement! It's so true....Action is needed and coming!

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