Thursday, July 21, 2005


I got to scrap and it looked like something! I was working on something for the store and it turned out really cute. I busted out with some old paper...KI Christmas. That wasn't the best part though. I had Randall pring off a pic for me in black and white b.c I just wasn't feeling the colors of the pic and the papers I had that I knew were in the store. Well after he did that, he got to playing (even more) with his pic from the navy. Let me tell you how stinking cute it was! After he printed the pic, he took my trimmer, cut it all out and then looks at me and says: "Is it ok if I look through the paper?" So he tells me too, "I'm thinking a red, white and blue type idea with the flag and what not." Of course in my head I"m going duh, but on the outside I was like that's great. Then he adds to it by saying, we should look for an emblem of the navy or even I have some of my patches from the different places I was stationed. It was great. No one I've been with has ever appreciated my work like this, let alone jumped in and started helping! He's the only if he'd let me take random pics of him....I"ll get him there, one day!

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Amber said...

I'll have to have RG teach him some modeling skillz since my man doesn't mind being in front of the camera! LOL
So cool chickie!!