Saturday, July 09, 2005

Moving in....

I"m SO totally stoked! (wow, haven't used that word in years) Anyways, I am.....on Tuesday, yes as in a few days, Randall is moving in here!!! I know I know, it's a little fast, but let me tell you....he's not fucking around. Not that he's not used to it, but he's changing states!! The reason this time just happens to be be with me. Spacewise, things'll be a little bit tight, but it's worth it! I SO can't wait. I'm so just wow.

How'd it all come about? Well we were talking about school in general, and he has NO motivation to be where he is. (I don't blame him, I wouldn't either) so he was looking at things around South Bend as that was a moving possibility. Well he got to talking the other day with a friend he was in the navy with. She was talking about ITT Tech and how she loves it there. She's at the Boston campus. Anyway, so he's looking to see where a campus is near South Bend if at all. I jokingly made the comment that we have a campus here in Cincy. So he starts to check things out. Well, Thursday he calls and says to me, I just got off the phone with ITT Tech! I was like what?! Then he goes on to say, how would you like it if I were there in the next week or two? I said that'd be great! I'd love every minute of it. Well, yesterday he calls and says...I'll be there on Tuesday! ROCK ON! So that's where we stand right now. Man, I love him!

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Amber said...

holy shit cakes?!?!? wow girl! that is some crazy stuff! so excited for you!!!! you have to fill us in when he gets there! :o)