Saturday, July 16, 2005

Forever Love

So we went to Rick's tonight as our usual routine....Randall joined us since he's moved in. He actually gets along really well with our friends which is totally a good thing. He was cracking jokes and everything with them; even shot a game of pool with the guys. I can't count the number of times we were told to get a room...fine with me though. It's not like we were making out or anything, however, I know I was hanging on him. LOL Anyway, in the midst of the bar and the friends that are family, I started to get teary eyed. They didn't notice, hell, I don't know if Randall even noticed. He said some of the best, sweetest things to me tonight. The few that stick out most to me are: "I've found the one for me." and "Promise me you'll never leave me or hurt me." The first one, yeah sure it's cheesy, but let me tell you, he was looking straight into my eyes when he said it. I felt like no one else was around at all for that moment in time. The other statement is HUGE in both of our books. We've both been hurt way more than we the same ways. It still amazes me that he just picked up everything and left KY this past week. I love him so much....I know it's just me and a result of my past, but I wonder sometimes that when I wake up he's not going to be here....after tonight though, I won't worry about that any more.

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