Tuesday, July 12, 2005

He's here!!!

YAY!!! Let me tell you how happy I am...well, I don't think words can describe it. I"m just beyond happy right now! Life is wonderful. This afternoon my man arrived here to live! So we unpacked the truck, took it back, came home, ordered pizza for dinner and now we (he) are starting to put things away and bring them in from the garage. A little bit at a time is all it takes.

Next, anyone know of a CHEAP, reliable car?? Mine is dead. Like WAY dead. So, I'm working on trying to find one.

Last but not least, my Mary Kay business debut is tomorrow! I have had a few people tell me they are coming and a few people tell me that they can't. However, I got an order from one of my cousins who said she can't. Every little bit helps....right?

Ok, I better help Randall at least a little bit! Talk to you soon!

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