Sunday, July 17, 2005


Yesterday after the facial I had scheduled, Randall and I decided to run around and go shopping. It all started when I wanted to go to Skyline for dinner. Well, the one we stopped by happened to be across the parking lot from a Big Lots....we're in need of a bed, so we thought, what the hell and went over there. Well that trip to Big Lots suddenly became an evening of shopping and decorating "our home". No we don't have a place of our own yet, but we've sure got it decorated. lol We went from Big Lots to Hobby Lobby to Meijer's to then we were just driving around a bit. Well, somehow we got on the conversation of puppies and not wanting to housebreak one (because he feels guilty about how you are truly supposed to do it) and so I said, well what if we adopted one that already was?! He looks at me and says where is petsmart? So we head over there.....they DON'T do puppy adoption!!! We were like WTF?? What Petsmart doesn't do puppy adoption. So then we went next door to World Market. Let me tell you, at first he was all making fun of me for wanting to go in there. Well, next thing we know it's 915...we'd been in there almost an hour and a half and they never once said anything about it being past 9....oops! They were really nice about us still being in there...thank God...I've always worked retail and know how it feels to have someone in there past closing and then they don't buy anything?! Anyway, we've not had the chance in the past to do this so it was really eye opening. It was great. Our tastes are so similar and we like A LOT of the same things, colors and themes.

Throughout our driving around at one point, he looks over and says "thank you." I was totally shocked by it becuase we hadn't been talking about anything that I had done or what not. So I ask him why he said that. He looks at me and says because I can be me. The entire time he was with his most recent ex, he had to change and he wasn't himself. I love the fact that I feel the same. I'm me with Randall. We're us as individuals as well as being a couple.

Ok, enough mushy stuff for yall. I've gotta get ready for work. As a sidenote, I had my Mary Kay business debut this past week and let me tell you I had a great week! Got 9 bookings and did almost $350 in sales!!! woo hoo!!! go me!

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Amber said...

whoo hoo go Katy!!!
Randall and Katy sitting in a tree...Kissing, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a puppy in the baby carriage!!!