Sunday, July 24, 2005

What a weekend

OMG...this weekend was SO long. It all started about 2am Friday morning when Randall got up not feeling well. I was asleep and didn't know anything of it. I knew when he got back into bed about 3. ;) Well, a little after 4 he got back up...long story short we were at the ER by 5. There until about 4. Come to find out that they were thinking apendicitis, but couldn't find anything wrong with it. We're still really not sure what exactly it was, and neither are the doctors or surgeons, but he feels better.

Saturday I got to work only to find out that a friend of mine "no longer works here." Yeah, I honestly knew it was coming but never knew that it would go down like it did. We were kinda busy, interesting day. Then there was a bachelorette party...they had a "fun party" for her bachelorette party. Crazy times....good shit but crazy times.

Today was a pretty busy day at work. I woke up not feeling too well and a little nausous. Oh well, such is life. Tonight I came home and went to sleep early again...I've done this the past few nights and had a migrane on Thursday. This morning when I got to work it was like a cold had just randomly come on...I don't know what's up. Oh well. Anyway, I have to work early in the a.m. so I'm gonna check out. Hugs

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