Sunday, July 03, 2005

Parties galore!

Well, you know it's a holiday weekend with the holiday being on Monday....we had our usual going out Friday night, last night was a party, today is a pool party and tomorrow is another pool party. Fun times!!! The crazy part is, all the parties are with the same group of people...we just keep changing the location!

On a side note: You know you are in Hamilton when: you pull the grill down the street to another house where we are cooking out. That's right ladies and gentlemen...I pulled it down the street. Thank God Cindy wasn't home yet or it'd be on camera!

On the other side note: Randall and I are great!!!Things are back to "normal" (if there is even such a thing as normal). He's gonna try to come down next weekend which will be awesome! I miss him SO much.

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Amber said...

pulling grills down the road...yep...that is ohio... lol