Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Cold Shoulder

Ok...So I'm all moved in and we have this new GA (Grad Assistant) who thinks she's an RHC (Resident Hall Coordinator). Well she isn't. In fact, she's a total bitch. Anyway I'm walking out with Pamela to move her car and this is the conversation that happens:

Bitch: Excuse me (with an attitude of course)
Me: (turns around to look at her)
Bitch: Why are you giving me and my staff the cold shoulder?!
Me: I'm not doing anything
Bitch: No one is accusing you of anything. (yes that is actually what she said after saying I was giving them the cold shoulder)
Me: I'm not doing anything other than my work.
Bitch: Well, we're trying to say hi to you and smile at you and you just keep going.
Me: I dont' know what you are talking about. In fact I beg to differ as no one is trying to do anything.

Now, I should have prefaced this with what happened last night. I'm in my room....they know that I've checked in. My door gets pushed open. I go to the door and they were like "sorry we forgot." I said, "well that's ok, it just kind of scared me when my door came open." So I just get off the phone with dad talking about funeral arrangements for Uncle Wayne AND I'm in the midst of changing. They do it AGAIN!!! There is like 30-60 seconds in between this time. So I go and push the door closed and lock it. Well, Bitch comes and knocks on my door and is like, " You're going to have to excuse us. We're putting things in the rooms and you just slammed the door shut." I just closed the door and locked it again and went on.

So yeah, that's how the semester has started. She's going to get a RUDE awakening when the rest of the girls move into this building and she finds out what it's really like.

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Abby from scrapping site said...

Wow what a bitch.