Sunday, August 14, 2005

Tomorrow's It

Well, I've had a lot of things on my mind the past few days which is part of why I've not updated since Wednesday. I go back to Richmond tomorrow. This means that after the time I leave Cincy tomorrow, I don't know when for sure the next time I see Randall will be. Here's the story:

Mom was a little cooler about things and is letting him stay a bit longer...however he's going to move to South Bend, IN. We talked about South Bend prior to even talking about Cincinnati. Even though I knew it wasn't 100% gone, I was still hoping that after moving to Cincy, South Bend wasn't going to come up again. I just got used to the fact that I was going to come home after it looks like I"ll be headed to South Bend. Anyway, it's better financially for us if he goes. His bestest friend in the whole world, who is pretty much a brother to him, lives up there. He and his wife have been begging Randall to come up there for sometime now. Well, they are going to let him stay with them as long as needed rent free. Also, Mike is trying to sell their 2000 Neon....well he's gonna sell it to Randall for $1500 and told him that he could make payments on it as he could. Also, Randall is more likely than not going to be able to get on up there at the same place Mike works. The job starts at 48K-55K. Obviously it's a much better situation than Cincinnati is financially.

All of this still being part of why I don't want to go back. I haven't even started packing, so I guess that's what I'll be doing tonight. I've been putting it off, I guess hoping that I wouldn't for some reason have to go back. Although, I really don't have a ton to take back as I'm going on minimal things since it's my last semester and I"ll be moving out in December....I really don't need all of those things.

On a good note, I bought a car on Fri. afternoon! It's a 90 Labaron. Cute little car, runs great and it was cheap! I've yet to take pictures and everything, but obviously this is something that HAS to be scrapped.

Ok, I think that's enough for now....sorry about the super long post. I've got to get ready and run a few errands before I go into work. TTFN

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nicole m said...

Hey darlin'....that's great about the car, and about things working out financially for Randall. You see...God provides...not always in the ways we expect and/or want, but ALWAYS in the ways we need. :) Been learning a lot about that myself lately. Anyway, you're welcome to come to my house anytime, even stay the's only 30 mins to winchester from here. i love you, and am praying for you. Give me a call and I will be up in Richmond next week maybe Tue or Wed sometime. Email me. Love you.