Monday, August 29, 2005

Talked to Randall!!

Well, he's alive...Cingular messed up his phone, well the SIM card in the phone. He's found a place in South Bend and will be moving on Thursday. I didn't get too long to talk to him, but hopefully I will later.

I really do love him.


nicole m. said...

you see, i TOLD you that he was okay and that things would work out! They ARE working out, aren't they? Anyway, would this mean you're still going to South Bend in january? :( Sad times. There was a reason it didn't work out the other night, you seeeee. :) Love you, see you later!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you love him. You just posted his life story on a blog on the internet. Wow...he should be lucky to have you around.

Anonymous said...

he couldn't manage to find somebody else's phone to call? smells fishy to me.