Sunday, August 07, 2005

Mixed Feelings

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely have loved my time in college; however, I'm really having mixed feelings about going back in a week. I'll finish this semester, don't you worry....I'm too close to quit now. But if nothing else, that is my reasoning. I woke up this morning in a rather unhappy mood (sorry honey). I got to thinking....I go back in a week. I can't finish without a car. I still don't have a car. I can't afford a car. I can't get a loan. I get jumped on if I don't see my dad. I get jumped on if I do see my dad. Then too I think about the wonderful things I"m leaving, even if it only is for a total of four months, and I'll be home several (if not all) weekends a month; SBC, Randall, my mom, my "family" at Rick's, grandma and grandpa. I just don't know. This is SUCH a hard time in a person's life. I"m ready to be on my own (with Randall...tee hee), yet I just can't. It's right there but it's out of reach.


Barb Hogan said...

Hang in there Katy! Time will fly by quickly.

Nicole M. said... me!! I may have a solution to your car problem-o. I miss you girl, and I think I'm coming to Rich on the 19th (Friday) so maybe we can hang out?
Love you!!!! Nicole