Sunday, August 28, 2005

What goes around, comes around

We've all heard the statement before. Well, I found out the ultimate "comes around" out of that statement!!! Many of you know that the reason I'm not married right now is because my ex-fiancee cheated on me. In talking to a friend last night I found out some VERY interesting information about his marriage.

When I found out that he had gotten married I knew that it wouldn't last a year. The circumstances would never allow for it to! What is it you ask? I thought that he was cheating on her. Good guess, but no. The comment to me on that was, "It's kind of the opposite." Well, his wife has been staying at this other WOMAN'S place becasue she is trying to figure out whether or not she is gay! She's cheating on him with another woman!!!! It gets better!!!!

When he and I were together his oldest "son" (who is now 16 or 17) was arrested by him. One would think then that you'd leave momma alone. Anyway, his "son" is about to make him a grandpa. hehehe. So now my ex who isn't even 30 yet is dealing with a wife who thinks she's gay and the fact that he's gonna be a grandpa. That made my year last night.

As far as Randall and I are concerned. I've still not heard from him. I'm still really worried. Not sure what to think.

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Anonymous said...

You have every right to feel the way you do. You have not said anything that isn't true about me, or isn't fairly accurate about my life.
That part of my life has been arduous, and the reader's digest version really does not do the gravity of the situation justice.
As for being a grandfather, not yet. We will be seperated within the month, and the divorce will follow in six. Part of it may be well deserved due to my past, and things I have done. All of it is due to my mistakes, which I do not shirk responsibility.
My life is far from over, and I am far from the emotional ruin that my circumstances may reflect. I am doing well, and the other parts of my life are still successful.
I have hoped nothing but happiness for you the past year and a half. When my first blog was filled with comments about you, I said nothing, and simply closed it. If you wished for vengeance, perhaps it has come. I still continue to wish you well.