Saturday, September 17, 2005

Bored out of my mind!!!!

WHY on Earth did I say, "sure Angie I'll pick up the 8a-11a shift that you have open." Well, I know why I did, but man is this boring. Thank God there is a computer that I can putz around on! (even though I don't think I'm supposed too....oh well.) Anway, I'm glad it's the weekend; even if I have to work for a bit. Those kids are driving me crazy!!!!! I love them dearly, but gees. 2 whole days of not getting slobbered on by H and J!!! I don't have to worry about J or R having accidents for 2 whole days!!!

Hopefully I'll get some scrapping done. I've got a few effer challenges to catch up on as well as some cards for a swap to get done. Also, found a site that has some reasonable prices....if you spend enough to compensate for their shipping costs. Even still though, with shipping, it's cheaper than most stores. Since I work at an LSS at home though, I have a hard time justifying some of the prices yet at the same time, they are cheaper than what I'd pay at the LSS in Lexington. Anyway...the site is It's pretty neato!!

I have to work again tonight from 8p-12a. So I"ll prolly post again during that time. Have a great day!!

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