Monday, September 12, 2005

Greatest Lesson ever!!!

So today, I taught that lesson that I was TOTALLY stressing over. My comments from the teacher afterwards were: I don't know why you were stressing over that. It was one of the best lessons I've seen from a student teacher!!!! YAY for me! Also, in the areas of concern, she wrote in big letters NONE!! woo hooo!

In other news...well, I don't think there really is other news! Life is going pretty well!! OH! I just remembered!! Grandma and grandpa ARE NOT moving!!! Well, not out of Cincy anyway. Their favorite grandchild (me) talked them into staying....only thing is mom and I have to move out of the condo. I'd rather it be that way then for them to move though.

Ok, randomness is done for the night. Sweet dreams!

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I have nothing to do with the above comments, or know who left them.