Tuesday, September 13, 2005

WOW!!! (a mini book is written)

That's all I can say to describe several things......

First, I'm SO excited I got to hear Randall's voice last night. I've missed him SOOOO much. For the first time this semester I really got a good night's sleep. I LOVE YOU BABY!!!

Next, Last night at my Mary Kay meeting, I got to play with all the new holiday stuff. Let me tell you ladies it's awesome and you can't beat prices like these, especially when they come packaged such that you don't have to wrap them!!! Not to mention, you don't even have to leave your house to do the shopping or the pick up!!!

Third, "Anonymous" I know who you are. I deleted your comments as there is no call for that. If you have a problem with me, be man enough to confront me about it as I was woman enough to confront you. Get over yourself and grow up.

Finally, my *wonderful* ex - first things first...my world stopped revolving around you on March 2nd of 2004. I don't go seeking any information, it just shows up too me. The comments that have been deleted have nothing to do with you. I guess that is where you are referring to in the "first blog" comment you made. (not to mention those comments were put on there after I went to bed last night and this is the first chance that I have had to look at my blog.) Next, I too, have wished nothing but happiness for you and have never seeked any vengance whatsoever. I do believe however that what goes around comes around....you made your bed and have to lie in it. I'm glad that other areas in your life are successful. I'm glad that you are able to move on from this part of your "arduous" life.

As far as how today was...it was great!! I woke up in a great mood...since I talked to my honey and his phone is better (after ripping Cingular a new one) My lessons also went really well today. All in all the day has gone quickly. YAY!

*sorry for the book guys*


Anonymous said...

You silly nigger-loving whore. You think you know who this is, but you would be surprised. Anonymity is for both of our goods because this is how I can truely express myself. Anonymity is the key to our future.

Your Secret Admirer

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous,
Why don't you learn how to spell?? You have an ugly mouth,and need to tone it down it down on this blog. Get a life, do something positive, something productive, but for God's sake, leave this girl alone you psycho!!
Katy- you need to watch out, this one is looney!!

nicole m. said...

I didn't know if mine went through the 1st time. Katy, I hope you know that whoever anonymous is, their postings can be traced back to their computer and filed as harassment charges. Leave her be, whoever you are.

Anonymous said...

I never accused you of seeking information about me. I know who gives it to you, and that is enough.
The comment about my first blog referred to exactly that; my first blog. I had a blog about a year or so ago that was suddenly enundated with comments referring to you. Rather than argue, or resort to the same level of rudeness in the comments, I simply closed it and went on.