Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sick : (

Well, I called in this morning to school because I'm sick. I went to bed at like 930 last night, well layed down, finished Big Brother and passed out as soon as it was over. Anyway, slept straight through the night. Alarm went off at 6. I was kinda excited to have gotten so much sleep when I first got up. I never get 8 hours of sleep at one time!! So I get up and start to go to the shower when I feel like I'm gonna puke. I head into the bathroom, but nothing happens. I just couldn't shake the feeling. I felt a little warm to the touch, yet I was freezing. So I sat down just to see if in a few minutes it would go away. Nope, sure didn't, thought I was gonna puke even more now, and a headache was forming. So I called my supervising teacher and left a voicemail, climbed in bed and went back to bed. About 745, she calls and asks if I'm coming into school. I said, I guess you didn't get my voicemail did you? She said no, so I told her what was wrong. I hate being sick and missing school!! I always have. I went back to sleep and slept til about 1245ish. WOW...I've not gotten that much sleep almost straight through since I was like 5 months old. I'm feeling a bit better, but wondering if I want to eat or not. I'll catch yall later.

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