Thursday, January 26, 2006

It took forever...

to get logged on. The "half an hour" down time turned into more like 24.

Well as I was listening to my VM for work this morning, the last message was from a florist here in town. Saying I had flowers and they needed to get my apartment number. I listened to the message about 5 times to make sure I was really hearing that. So then I took the phone number and did a reverse search on it to see if it really was a florist. It was. So I called, still in denial that they were for me. (especially since on my voicemail the woman called me "Mary") I told them who I was and they said yes, they had a delievery for me. I waited and waited. Abotu 115 or so I laid down and fell asleep. At 2, J came in from getting the mail and gave me the door hanger that they had been there. I guess they didn't hardly knock on the door as you practically have to pound in order for us to hear anything. So I go pick them up. All day I had been trying to figure out who it would be that would have been from. I'm there and the guy goes, "I just got back with them." In my head I'm going, then why did you write 1:00 on the tag as it's after 2 and we are located on the same street. So I open the card. It says "Katy, Happy new apartment, new adventure. Bev" They were from my step-mom. That was nice. Totally not who I was expecting, or hoping.

So, I can honestly say, still no flowers from a guy.

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