Sunday, January 01, 2006


It's here....ready or not! First things first...I made it home okay and in one piece. I decided when I left tonight that driving home would not be a problem for me. A drink early on was it for me. No speeding, wearing the seatbelt and using turn signals at all times.....that's what got me home safe...that and taking the back roads!

Resolution: a course of action determined or decided on....Was I supposed to do that before now?? Oh well. I don't want to say that I'm making resolutions, more like I'm doing some life evaluation this year. What are those things??

  • Take care of me - most of the time, I put others before me. This isn't a bad thing, but I tend to neglect things I need be it time, peace, emotion, etc. I plan to take some time each day just for me. What will I do with that time? Not sure yet. Some days it may be a hot bath and a good book. Others it may be scrap. Still others may be splurge on something. This also includes everyones favorite part of the new year and saying that I'm going to loose some weight. blah.
  • Work my business - I LOVE having a Mary Kay business. I am okay at what I do considering the time I've put into it. I want to earn the use of a company car...and quick. We all can do anything for 4 months.
  • Be more adventurous - I tend to be a creature of habit and just be instead of do. The first huge adventure comes in 13 days...moving to Lex. I can't wait, yet even though I don't come out and say it, there is part of me that is scared shitless.
  • Stay organized - I don't have a problem getting things's keeping them that way. I think the move will help with that as everything will have to have a place since I"ll be sharing an apartment with J. We'll both have to stay organized (and neat) or we'll get on each other's nerves.
  • Write more - be it here, or in a notebook or on my layouts. Putting it down on paper sometimes gets rid of the angry, upset, whatever bad feelings but it also helps you to remember the great, wonderful, happy feelings.
  • Keep in touch - with friends and family. I'm getting to that point in my life now that I'm graduated where we are all starting a new life and moving on. I don't want to forget those that mean the world to me. I want them to know that they mean the world to me.
  • Losen up - this kind of goes with being more adventurous, but there are times when I can be too serious. I need to take life and laugh at it!

Those are some of the things I'd like to do with my life this year. I'm excited for things to come. Who knows what tomorrow holds.

I end with words from Mary Kay Ash as her daily calendar for the year says: "Make every day count. Make every hour count. Make every minute count. And don't stop until you have exercised your full potential, realizing your total destiny to become the person that you, and only you, are capable of being."

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