Saturday, December 31, 2005

Dancing Queen

Those that know me know how much I LOVE to dance. Last night was a Rick's night just like every other Friday night. I actually left to get there early as I was tired of sitting at home by was going to be really late getting there anyway. When I got there part of the group was already there...just like usual. The pool tables had been taken out though. A few of the guys HAVE to play pool so they left to go to Wildwood Pub; one of those guys happens to be mom's boyfriend. He asked if I was going to come join them and it was then that I realized the band that was playing: Dixz Highway!!! I told them to have fun as I was staying to hear them. Dixz of my favorite local bands!!! I try to be at Rick's at least one of the two nights any weekend that they play. Well last night, I wasn't planning on staying too late, but the next thing I was 2! WOW! I'd not stayed out that late in who knows when (having to teach during the week will do that to you) What a great time....ended up winning a CD of theirs for dancing, flirted with the bass player (like usual..we have been since July), drank nothing but water and just had a blast. I love the friends that I have made there and in fact that's where I"ll be for New Year's Eve tonight (not Rick's but one of my friends' place).

Have a great day. Be careful and safe. Don't do anything stupid tonight!!!

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