Sunday, December 04, 2005

Nothing better than....

* when it's cold outside to lay around in your pj's all day.
* when it's warm and raining to walk hand in hand with someone you really care about.
* when you're bored to catch up on sleep!
* when your back is fried to lay on your stomach underneath the fan.
* when you're upset to have some icecream with a girlfriend.

ok....and for a little bit more about me! YAY for stolen surveys! hehehe

I AM: tired, sick of working the desk, ready to move home
I WANT: people to stop asking if I have a job lined up.
I HAVE: great friends and family
I WISH: things were better for some of those I care about.
I HATE: not being able to get everything done I want to get done the way I want it done.
I MISS: home, my "wife", my mom, Skyline
I FEAR: not becoming the person I'm supposed to be.
I HEAR: the tv and my typing like mad!
I WONDER: what people in my past are up to, if I'm going to have any snow days this week (I wish!)
I REGRET: a handful of things, bu they wouldn't make me who I am today.
I LOVE: the little things in life.
I ACHE: in my right gludeous minimus...not sure what I did...woke up like that.
I ALWAYS: have something that aI *should* be doing
I AM NOT: ready to leave Richmond.
I DANCE: when I'm at the bar! or in my car.
I SING: when a song I know is on!
I CRY: a lot....when I'm happy, sad, angry, etc.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: right, even though I like to think so sometimes.
I WRITE: when I have to.
I WIN: board games...when I get to play!
I LOSE: my mind....several times a day! hehehe
I CONFUSE: myself
I NEED: some genuine TLC
I SHOULD: write lesson plans...UGH

.x. father thinks I am: 12
.x. mother thinks I am: a wonderful daughter doing things she never expeceted me to do
.x. my ex-boyfriend thinks I am: someone he shouldn't have let go
.x. three things you are often complimented for: smile, laugh, way with kids
.x. you get embarrassed when: someone compliments my looks
.x. makes you happy: friends, girl time, my business!, scrapping
.x. upsets you: when unnecessary, negative comments are made on ANY topic.
.x. you keep a diary: blogging and scrapping, I guess
.x. you like to cook: "real" food and not just for one.
.x. you have a secret you have not shared with anyone: yup...I've had this secret since I was 12.
.x. you're in love: not currently
.x. you set your watch a few minutes ahead: always....have to anymore
.x. you bite your fingernails: not on purpose
.x. you believe in love: totally

OK...that's enough for the time being. I have to work again today...noon-3

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