Saturday, December 10, 2005

What a day....with "Mission Accomplished" at the end

Well I went to bed Thursday night expecting to get up see that we were cancelled for Friday. Heh, NOT the case. I was NOT a happy girl at all Friday morning. Just like a little kid, I continued to watch the school closings until the very last minute. So I head out in the cold to stop by Wal-Mart on my way just as I do every morning. I unlock my door and it's frozen shut. After enough pulling, it opens up. Then I turn it on and realize my idiot light is on E...a VERY LOW E. I head to Wal-Mart so I can get my breakfast, lunch, supplies for an activity and now gas too. I'm headed through the line only to see that I've left my wallet out in the car. So I run back out in the bitter cold to grab it, run back in, pay and head back out. Did you know that the Wal-Mart gas station is NOT open at 7am....even on a weekday?? So I head to the rinky dink gas station that is on the way to school. Well, I start pumping my gas and I'm sitting in my car b.c well, the wind was cutting through me. I look over to see how far it is...and I think ok, only about half a tank more to go. A few seconds later I look over and see it's stopped. I get out to check the nozzle and it's still on "automatic" I life the lever and pull the nozzle myself....nothing. The gas station has now ran out of gas and I don't have a full tank! I run inside to pay and let them know. His response, "probably I knew we were getting low. I do have a truck on it's way today though." I'm thinking...a lot of good that does me now. The only thing at this point that can make my day get worse is for it to be Monday. I get to school 15 minutes late. There are hardly any children there...unusual for this time. Now I'm lucky to have a small class of 19. I only ended up having 12 all day long. It's hard to do group work on the 9 planets when there are only 12 kids! So we made fudge!!

When I got home from school, the fight with UPS was over! I didn't have to drive to N. Lexington to give them a teacher look at all!! It was here waiting on me! WOO HOO!!! I messaged my "wife" and said, "Please tell me we are going to O'Charley's tonight...I NEED it." The answer was yes. I head downstairs to get ready to leave and she informs me that she's sick...not the contageous kind, but still. YUCKY!

So off to O'Charley's we went to see our waiter! Had a grand time as usual. We went in and asked to be sat in his section. The guy sits us there and after a couple minutes, a girl came over and asked us to take our drink order. Well, I just look at Pamela...She looks up and says, "We thought this was Brandon's section." The girl says no. Pamela goes on and says, "We're sorry, but we just asked to be seated in his section." The waitress was very understanding and told the obviously new host where to seat us.

Well, Brandon was in smoking...wasn't really all that bad. We just weren't used to being all the way back there...neither was he. He was glad to see us! (as always...hehehe) Fun times had by all when dining with Brandon as your server. Pamela, not always thinking has 2 drinks on her food empty, but medicine filled stomach which is why the mission started in the first place!

This is my "wife" in all her sick, glory! Isn't she cute!!! :)

So what was the mission?? Wel..Pamela continually knocked over these golden reindeer decorations. As a result it became a real joke. So she asks Brandon if she can take one home. He says, "only if you put one in my car too." The next natural question is well, which one is it?? He tells us which one and tells us the fact that it's unlocked. Well, as we leave, Pamela actually takes them with her. I couldn't believe it. She picks them up in her coat and heads to the bathroom. Well she can't get them zipped in her coat at all. So she folds her coat over and high tails it out the door, without looking suspicious. We pull around to the side of the building where Brandon's car is and he's in it...I roll my window down and say, "Hey Brandon, we've got something for you." He runs back in the building saying, "I can't see this!!" We have pictures to prove our mission:

The reindeer must say one last adieu to one another as they will miss each other.

This is Pamela "breaking into" the unlocked car to leave him a present. As a side note: he had his keys in the ignition and that annoying dinging was going on while we were trying to take care of business!

This is his reindeer waiting for him to drive off into the sunset....well, into the darkness since the sun was well beyond set.

What's the moral of the story???

When you've had a bad day, go to a restaurant and sit in a hot waiters section!

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