Thursday, December 22, 2005

It's been a whirlwind.....

It's kind of funny how things happen. 4 months ago, I didn't want to leave to go to school. Now here I am, graduated and can't wait to get back down there. The decision has been made. I AM moving to Lexington with J. I can't wait. It's going to be so much fun!!! While we were driving down on Tuesday, we caught a plastic bag on the of the funniest things ever! He and I were just laughing SO hard. Aunt Debi looked at us and said, "You two sound exactly the way you did when you were 2 years old playing with pots and pans on the floor of the kitchen." That makes me really happy. Here we are 20 some years later and can still by just as happy and such with each other. This is going to be a GREAT adventure! Somehow I can't believe it....but it gets even better!!!!! I'm going to be living only 2 minutes from my "brother's" hhouse!!!! Let me tell you about exciting! We both are so excited and can't wait!!!

At first I wasn't gung ho on it all, but J and I had a heart to heart and he just looked at me and said, "Katy, what is holding you here?" He's right....there's nothing keeping me here. I don't have the responsibility of a relationship or kids. Hell I didn't even totally have a job to come home to. I have my Mary Kay that can go anywhere! It's time!

As far as the "fairly serious" question... I asked that because of a converstation I had. Someone I know flew to MI see a girl. (the man NEVER flies and HATES cold). This person, only about 2 weeks later is driving to see this same girl and spend Christmas with her. I asked if they were getting serious, and the comment made to me was "fairly serious". My speculation is anything like that must be more than fairly serious. Just an observation. I honestly don't care who this person dates. If he's happy, then I"m happy for him.

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