Tuesday, December 27, 2005


OK OK I know I've said that I'm moving to Lexington, but I'm SO excited. It's going to be a GRAND adventure. I overheard someone say to their husband on Christmas, "Is there any of your cousins that you could live with like they are?" The answer was a most definite NO. J and I have an amazing relationship. Hell we've had this relationship all our lives. I certainly don't remember the 6 weeks I lived without him and I can't imagine him not being there.

I happen to like the city of Lexington quite a bit. No it's not the size of Cincinnati, but it's not small town America either. (tried that...don't do well there). Our apartment....can't beat the price. $530 for a 2bed/2bath that's 936 sqare feet?! I mean really! Can't beat the location. 5 minutes from Man O'War, 5 minutes from New Circle (the 2 ring roads of the city), 2 minutes from my "brother's" house, and about 10 from the scrapbook store! Jobs: not yet, but I talked to a friend who's down there and they said that everyone and their brother is hiring in Hamburg so I'll start looking there.

It's just going to be great! Lexington will never be the same again! hehehe I can't even remember any major argument between J and I. Sure I had to put him in his place a few times, but nothing to the point of us not talking or anything. woo hoo!!! Ok, I"m out to go find something to do. I have a paycheck that got misplaced in all of the moving....it's only $25, but hey...that's a tank of gas! (almost)

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