Monday, December 26, 2005

I'm over it.

Christmas ended up being pretty good. New clothes, rent $$, desperate housewives first season!, scrapping supplies and a 3.5 foot nutcracker. Who could ask for more? The part I'm over though is being fake towards one member of our family and his wife. I'm done. I'm not catering to them just because they think and act like they have money. Growing up there were 4 of us that made a pact that we would not be like our fathers....he's done just that and taken it to the next level. How does a person think it's ok to listen to what his wife says when she says he's "not allowed" to talk to his own mother and brother?!?! Heh, not to mention his cousins. It's been like this WAY too long. Other than not catering to it, I'm not totally sure on what to do. I'm sure it'll be interesting as J and I move in together to see how his brother reacts.

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