Sunday, January 29, 2006

My abs hurt...

from dancing like it was my job all weekend long! Thursday night I went out with Chirs and Nicole for Chris' birthday. We went to Avio here in Lex. And that's all I care to say about it! Friday a very tired me drove to Cincinnati to work for Josette, and also go to Rick's. That's right DixzHighway was playing! I danced until 205 am. on about 2 hours of real sleep. Needless to say, I came home and crashed....after I started my laundry that is. *Note to self: 2 nights in a row of dancing is an amazing workout......your abs and legs will agree with that statement.*
Yesterday we a very long day. I guess it was because I was SO tired. Piddled around the condo while I was waiting for my laundry to be done. As I was doing so, I talked to Nate for a the midst of power surges in his building. He got a job offer making more than his military and civilian job put Australia. I sure hope he doesn't take it, but that's a decision only he can make. Back to yesterday.
Once I got everything I needed and/or wanted from the condo I decided I needed to go to SBC as it is one last time. It was good to be "home". Scary how stark it was. I'm excited about the new coming adventure though!!!
After a good visit in the store, it was time to head back. So with my loaded down little car I hopped on 75 and headed south.
We got the car unloaded and pretty much put everything in its place. Then reality sunk in. And I was not a happy camper. So we went out for some DQ and laughed and talked and things just seemed to be alright for a bit. We came home and watched Monsters Inc while I worked on pulling things together for my business. And then crashed.
Today is a new day! Everything WILL workout. It always does.

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