Sunday, January 22, 2006

Men I know it's been a few days since I've updated, but oh well.

Lexington is treating me well!! I totally love living with J! He and I were actually talking about that very thing last night. We love the fact that we are close enough to live together, to have fun, to laugh from the belly. It's just great.

Now, onto the title of my blog today. The subject of men is an interesting one. They come and go in your and old, loved and hated, drop dead gorgeous and ugly as shit. The one you want is always the one you can't have; the one that's not there. Now, this is just a realization....not necessarily directed towards one man or another. There are some connections, but only I truly know what those are. Is there one for each of the descriptions?? Yeah. Am I going to say who? NO. It just needed to get off my chest.

Ok, off the sudsy street pulpit...hehehe (off my soapbox!)

My sister sent me these pictures of our move. Stinkin' hilarious!!
So in going along with a new, current, popular song and the fact that yes the family on the back of our U-haul has a slightly darker skin pigment than we do. A comment would be made at how funny it would be if momma (she has 2 kids in the picture, but it won't load for some reason) had a "gold toof." Well, my darling sister remembered the sharpie that was downstairs in dad's shop and went and got it. Not toally gold, but close enough! So in the days of women's lib. let's not just have the woman looking for the grillz, but give the men a chance too!

Anyway, have a great day! I know I will doing whatever it is that I end up doing today!

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