Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Nothing like a snow storm...

to drive home in. Yup....I was headed south. I didn't expect there to be a problem, especially since it was warm ALL DAY yesterday. HEH! Boy was I wrong!!! There were times that I was going 25 mph hoping that I was going to stay on the road. I tried to call a friend of mine who's a paramedic in G-town as I stopped there to get gas, but I'm going to make the assumption that he was out saving people from various accidents. There are also several VERY happy children today. No school for them. That means, no mall for me. We found out the hard way the other day.

Other than that, nothing too exciting latly. I'm working my business!!! OH!! AND I have been able to talk to a good friend in Iraq several times in the past week. He's alive and well and coming home in August!! YAY!!!

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Wifey said...

katy I hope you get this message. I am a puddyhead. I left my phone at Ben's and I have no computer and the ones in the lobby don't have AIM anymore. Try calling my room. I don't have class until 6 but I have to go out and get my books. 2776 in case you forgot. GEEEZ I wish you were here this would be so much easier.