Thursday, November 03, 2005

A few days off...

I think I'm really in need of what is about to happen. I'm off from teaching today, tomorrow and next Tuesday. Today and tomorrow is the "Face to Face with Ethics Conference" here at EKU. It's going to be similar to the conference I was at last year at West Point, just on a much smaller scale. I'm not going as a participant, but a facilitator. There will not be another college student in my position. I feel honored to be chosen to fulfill this capacity. I am the student that continues to sit on the committee though. My only problem with going is that my eyes are swollen from tears last night.

I just don't know what to do about my situation. I feel like I'm being blown off by GC. Yes, we are both stressed with various things in life and school, but that didn't seem to matter a month and a half ago. I know it's going to work it's way out in whatever way it's supposed to. I also know that things will be easier on us in a few months when I'm moved back at home. As Pamela reminded me, "Relationships aren't meant to be long distance." She and I both know this first hand.

This weekend I'm going home to surprise mom. Her birthday is on Saturday and I'm going to show up at Rich's Friday night to surprise her. GC is welcome to come...if he gets ahold of me so I can tell him. I'm just excited to get go to on a Friday's litterally been months since I've been there with everyone. I think it'll be something I need! Saturday I'm getting a cut and color. Another thing I'm excited about as I get to spend time with Linda, my best friend from high school. I've not seen her in almost a year!

Well, I really do need to get going and get dressed and ready for the conference. Oh yeah, the pic is of Pamela and I at Hooter's Monday after Trick-or-Treating.

Have a good day! Hopefully I will too!

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