Thursday, November 24, 2005


Well it's been a great week down here so far. Last night Pam, mom and I went out. We ended up at the same bar, Channel Mark, as we went to the night before. 4 LIT's (for me) and a few beers (for them) later though with some people we met to another bar called The Surf Shop. There again another LIT for me and a beer for them, which of course were paid for by the guy flirting with all three of us. It's kinda nice going to a bar and not paying for your own drinks! (This guy also bought drinks for us at the Channel Mark) So after all of that they're like come back to his house. The entire time everyone is talking about how much money he has and he had to have a good deal (or at least look like it) as he paid every time with a $100 bill. Anyway, so Pam wants to check out this house. She and I ride in an open air jeep with the guy and one of his friends (who was the one driving) and mom follows in her car as does his neighbor in her car. We hung out there for a while and came 412. It was a blast!

When I got up this morning I had an email saying that I had an order from my website!!! YAY!!! It was my first order on my Mary Kay website! I have been so pumped about it!!! PLUS it's from a woman in Maine that I don't even know. A friend of mine knows her and passed on an email I had sent out and I got an order!! WOO HOO

We're headed to Marco Island today for Turkey Day with the family. It's going to be a great time! Nothing like your Turkey Dinner sitting next to the pool or hot tub in a million+ dollar house. Yes, I have some rich family. In fact, just recently in the Cincinnati Enquirer my "uncle" (really a cousin by marriage) was named #27 on the list of Cincinnati's most profitable business men. I think that was the was something along those lines at least and I know the number is correct.

Anyway, I'd better jet so that I can go get my suit and everything pack as well as some product for people to try out while we're there! Have a great holiday!!!! Be safe.

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