Tuesday, November 15, 2005

You are NOT the face of SGA

I get really tired of seeing one person time after time after time in every damn article or picture of an SGA event that typically he had NOTHING to do with yet feels the need to be in the limelight like he planned and put on the whole thing on his own. This has actually bothered me for some time. It was able to be curbed somewhat last year, but not so much this year.
Doing and saying socially inappropriate things is NOT funny or cool. I've felt this way for a long time now. I was made even more aware of it when your face was on the news this morning. Also, don't spend your time telling a group of people one thing and then turn around and say something completly opposite to administration. Another thing to not worry about...ME! Why put so much energy into getting rid of someone when they are graduating in a month?? Hello, I'm getting rid of myself without your help!! Should you run for a higher office next year, I really fear not only for the students who will still be here, but the administration and the future of the SGA. AHHH!!! You just make me want to scream!!!

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