Thursday, November 17, 2005

I got it!!!!!!!

Well, It's me!!! I'm the Fall 05 morning Commencement Speaker. Last month, I got a letter from the VP of student affairs office asking me to apply. So thinking, what the hell, I did. Well, last week they called me wanting me to interview. Monday evening, I did. Tuesday night after Senate, I asked Amy Jo what she had thought about it all. She and I walked into the interview at the same time and actually she was supposed to be after me, but due to the fact that we had a joint SGA meeting Monday, I told her to go in first. Apparently she talked me up in her interview too! Thanks AJ!!! Well, when I asked her about it Tuesday she was like, did you get it?!?! I said, I don't know. I've not gotten any calls about it or anything. She said, "Oh, he emailed me today and told me I didn't." I thought, well ok. I hadn't checked my EKU email so I ran back here and checked it. There was nothing. I double checked my caller ID in my room...and still nothing. So then I just continued on with my night and didn't think much of it. Well, yesterday was a wierd day. My teacher had an ARC and so she went to that while a sub came in (for liability) and I taught. Next thing I know, the phone rings...I don't think anything of it as the sub was there and answering it. Next thing I know, he's like, Ms. C_____ you have a phone call. "Who the hell is calling me at school?!" and "Oh no! What's wrong?" is what ran through my mind in the 3 seconds it took me to get to the phone. The secretary, Vicki, was on the phone and says, Dr. Conneely is on the phone for you and I'm going to put you through. I go ok. Well he hops on the phone and goes, "Katy, it's Jim Conneely. How are you today?" "Fine ", I reply. "Well, the committee has made its decision and really liked what you had to say in your message and has chosen you to be the commencement speaker!" I was so thrilled! He went on with a couple other housekeeping things and then we hung up. I screamed when I got off the phone. So the kids go, Miss. C______ why did you just scream bloody murder?! I explained to them what was going on. Questions started a flyin'! "Are you going to be on tv?" "Yes, there's going to be a huge press release done on me." "Can we come with you?" "I don't care if you come to hear me. I can't bring you, you're parents will have to bring you to it." Then one of my boys starts chanting my last name. The next thing I know, ALL of my kids are chanting. I got them calmed down and we started back to work. YAY!!!!!!!

Other than that....the day was fine. It was hump day, so Pamela and I had some girl time together. We ate at Wendy's (with Ben) and talked wedding talk...for the "whenever it happens" as girls do. (all for her and none for me as she's WAY closer to that time than I am) But I REALLY need to get going for school!! I just wanted to share my excitement!! Have a great day!!!!

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