Monday, November 21, 2005

I know I's been a few days.

I'm sorry for not posting in a couple days. I know it's been since like Thursday or something. Friday night was O'Charley's with Pamela. We have a waiter there that we like to go see so every couple weeks or so on a Friday we go and ask to be seated in his section where ever it may be. This time we go in and do the same and one of the hostesses looks at us and goes, "Are one of you his girlfriend?" We reply, "'s a long story." So eventually we get seated and tell B (to protect the innocent) the story. He goes, "You should have said yeah we both are." hehehe. Anyway, we always have a blast eating there with him and we always get something for free. This week it happened to be dessert. He looks at us after dinner and asks if we want any ice cream on me. Pamela and I just look at each other and laugh and then say yes. Side note... O'Charley's has the best ice cream! So anyway, we eat our ice cream and leave him a note, as usual. Pamela had already written on a napkin lyrics from Dirks Bently's latest "Come a little closer" so I added...Thanks for the ice cream "on you" YAY for fun times!!

Saturday was a big day for me. At 630 I got up to finish packing my suitcase and then had my last two Praxis tests. They really weren't all that difficult! YAY for that! After testing was over, mom came to campus and we packed the car and headed to Florida!!! Yup...We made it from Richmond to Ft. Myers in 14 hours!!! This included getting to Knoxville right as the losing UT game got out, construction that was stop and go in all of N. Georgia (which to my Ft. Oglethorpe viewer, we stopped there for some gas and snacks) and we also hit Atlanta just as the GA Tech game was getting ready to start. All in all we made some kick ass time! And no we didn't hit 3 digits...hell we didn't even hit 85.

So yesterday was just coming in and relaxing. We didn't do too much. Today we're not totally sure of the plan. I'm going to get my hair done at some point in time, finally. We also are prolly going to meet some family for lunch or dinner. Other than that, it's just running around doing what we want. Tomorrow I'm doing a Mary Kay party for 8 women!!! It's going to be great. Hopefully I'll make some $$$$ Granted they are all older women just wanting to have a fun time, but hopefully I can get some at least Christmas presents or gift certificates sold to them!! YAY!

Well I think we have some company over so I'm out. I'm sure I'll update in a day or so though!!

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